Nov 28

The Entrance Cafe Lalitpur

Nepal Development Research institute (NDRI) held its 14th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 23rd, 2017.

The program was inaugurated by Prof Dr. Madhav P Pokharel, Chairperson of NDRI by lighting the Panas. The guest for the event was Mr. Khemraj Upadhyay, Country Director of BRAC Nepal. The Annual Report 2016/17 and Nepali Newsletter Issue 06 were launched during the event by Dr. Pokharel and Mr. Upadhyay.

The event was commemorated with a welcome speech by Dr. Rabita Mulmi Shrestha, Secretary of NDRI, followed by a presentation by Dr. Jaya Kumar Gurung, Executive Director of NDRI, about the recent projects and research of the organization, with brief information on the organization’s way forward. Likewise, Mr. Khemraj Upadhyay spoke about the need for innovation in research. The honorable member of National Planning Commission (NPC) Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha talked about the importance of social responsibility of an organization and commended NDRI on its work especially on the campaign to support recent flood victims.

All the speakers drew attention to NDRI’s achievements, progress and continuing challenges over the last fourteen years.

The floor was also open for discussion where NDRI members participated in an interactive session about the challenges and reforms in the field of research.

NDRI members and staff were also present during the event.