Sep 20

Ratnanagar Bacchauli, Chitwan


Bharatpur Municipality is heavily affected by the flood occurred on second and third week of July 2017 in Rapti river. Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) in coordination with Samriddha Nepal and Integrated social development and research Institute (ISDRI) have organized a relief distribution program and free health checkup program for the flood victims on 22nd August 2017.


The first distribution site is Bachhauli VDC which is located about 1km east from Hatti chowk of Sauraha.

Participants of Distribution program

The Executive Director of NDRI, Dr. Jaya K. Gurung and Dr. Nawa Raj Khatiwada, Dr. Punya Prasad Regmi along with the officers of ISDRI and Samriddha Nepal has distributed the relief to the flood victims. General health checkup of the flood victims was done by the medical staff from ISDRI and Smriddha Nepal.