Sep 20


Under the USAID project “Building Strengthening Generation and Climate based Agro-advisories Services to the Small holder farmers in Nepal, NDRI has been providing weather based agro-advisories services to the farmers since February 2015 in the four selected clusters located in Sinurjoda and Bananiya VDCs of the Dhanusha district. Aiming to sensitize the farmers of the pilot sites of Dhanusha district on use of such weather based agro-advisories services in their farming practices, NDRI team including experts from agriculture (NARC) and meteorology department (DHM) conducted roving seminar, from March 1 to 5, 2015. The main objectives of the seminar were

– To interact with farmers about the services they are receiving collecting their feedbacks
– To understand the level of understanding of farmers about the disseminated weather –based agro-advisories
– To educate farmers how to use climate related information in their farming practices
– Farm visit