Disaster Risk Management Program

his project aims to present facts and insights from earthquake-affected districts and identify the poorest, most vulnerable, and excludable such that they are not left behind. This study of Poverty and Vulnerability will support for better design and implementation of DFID’s six years (2016 –2021) Post-Earthquake Programme.


Start Date: Sept 2017 / End Date: March 2018

Flood Perception Survey- October 2017_Round-1

Flood Survey Round- 1 Report Flood Perception Survey – October 2017_Round – 1

Start Date: Jan 2013 / End Date:

Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Koshi River Basin, Nepal

Rugged terrain, steep topography and fragile geology, tectonically active zone, intense precipitation

Start Date: Jan 2012 / End Date:

Assessment of Flood and Inundation in Lower West Rapti River Basin under the effects of Climate Change

A collaborative study on flood risk assessment in the Lower West Rapti Basin

Start Date: Mar 2014 / End Date:

Koshi Basin Risk Modelling (Comphrensie Approach to Probabilistic Risk Assessment in Koshi River Basin)