Policy Research Program

The Electoral Support Project (ESP) was initiated by UNDP in 2008 in Nepal aiming at institutional strengthening and professional development of the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN). ESP aims at building and enduring sustainable institutional and professional capacity of the ECN, of its Secretariat and its district offices for easy and effective deployment in the future elections. This Phase II (2012-2016) project of UNDP focuses on operational support for future electoral cycles. For this, ESP needed to conduct a baseline survey to generate baseline data for the project’s indicators. Through competitive bidding process, Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) was selected to conduct this baseline survey. Therefore, the main responsibility of NDRI was to generate robust data that could be used to provide baseline information against which the impact of the project would be measured. This study included two different types of surveys: public knowledge and opinion survey and ECN staff survey. The public knowledge and opinion survey measured the level of public knowledge and awareness on elections and electoral process by interviewing 4,558 Nepali citizens of 18 years and above, in 21 districts across Nepal.


Start Date: Sep 2016 / End Date:

Assessing Local Governance in Earthquake Recovery Districts of Nepal Baseline Assessment

This project aims to empower communities to direct their own development through strategic interventions.

Start Date: Apr 2016 / End Date: Jun 2016

Baseline Survey for Country Strategic Plan

The project assessed the recovery status, government response to citizen needs a